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Experienced supply group with years of experience in sustainable production and sales of medical supplies.

Ensuring clients that quality control is our priority with established relationships in the healthcare supply industry.

Nationally recognized and respected provider to hospitals, medical and dental supply companies, first responders, local and county governments, assisted living and other at risk facilities as well as the food industry and other sectors that require PPE.  


  • Clark County Emergency Management

  • Riverside University Health System

  • Newport Mesa School District

  • ISL Senior Living Management

  • Milwaukee County

  • Hoag Hospital

  • Desert Hospital

  • Solstice Senior Living

  • San Diego County

  • Riverside County

  • Eisenhower Medical Center

  • Brookfield Healthcare Center

  • Community Health System

  • Alhambra Hospital

  • Kindred Hospital

  • Glendale Hospital

Partial List

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